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2013 Accessions

October 06, 2013 10:48 AM | Anonymous
The archivally-minded group of Bob McLean, Donna Whipple and Charlotte Dyer met weekly all summer to accession donated items. THS has received almost 900 items in the year 2013. Many of these are newspaper articles, photographs and pamphlets. Bobbi Carleton and her team had accessioned about 700 items by the end of June; the summer team added another 200. And our computer archiving system was updated in the spring by Emma Schroeder and Courtney Spaulding-Mayer, so every item is entered and cross-referenced. Now the fall team (Bob, Bobbi, Charlotte and Donna) is starting up again, meeting on Fridays. The accessioning job should be all done in plenty of time for 2014!

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